Sample Designs

To sample designs or not to sample designs.. That is the question..


Ever purchase an Item at a sample sale and wonder why this style/color/print did not make the cut.

Like on project runway when Heidi Klum says “auf widersehen”.



How did this piece that you love not end up making the collection?

Is your taste suspect? Of course not silly.,

Designers start out with a huge collection. Major companies will and can put into development up to 100 styles..

During style review half of those pieces can and will fall out.


Here are a few reasons why..

* budget – depending upon category there may not be enough money in the budget to carry all the items designed.

* cohesiveness- as beautiful a design it may be it also may not fit the collection.


There are many other reasons but these are two to give you an idea as to why that gorgeous dress/sweater/shoes (fill in the blank) is now in your possession.

So while you are ordering samples of your designs try to be very discerning when choosing.  There’s a fine art to doing this hence a lot of companies hire outsiders for help.

For in one regard you don’t want to it sample a piece that can end up being you key piece which frankly you would not know unless you saw the actual sample. For seeing a flat sketch verses and actual garment are two very seperate things..


Be careful with you budget and sample thoughtfully.

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