Are you ready? You business is waiting!

When are you going to be ready? Ready to start your business? Ready to stop making excuses and take action? Ready to have the life and business you deserve?

So many people want to start their own fashion line. The read all the fashion magazines and watch every episode of project runway and see themselves in those roles as the creator of fashion designs. They critique the pieces discusing how they would have made it different/better than what was presented on tv. You know that your designs would blow the judges out of the water!

You put this on your “to do” list (which keeps getting bigger all the time btw). One thing I have learned thru the years of being a fashion consultant is that 80% of the people who say they will take action never do (only 20% actually do take action). The others take action then and there and those are the ones that always succeed. One of the reasons being that they don’t make excuses. They are “doers and action takers”
** If I only have the money

** I wish I had started before (the woulda/coulda syndrome)

**What can I bring to the table that has not been done before??

** What if noone likes my designs?

** What if if it fails?

Then there are the other side:

** I have created a fashion line/business and cannot figure out how to get customers?

**I hear all these success stories and I have yet to make one sale!

** My website gets no traffic!

** How are others quitting their full time jobs when I cannot even cover the cost incurred to start my business?

Here are the facts you need to now. You need to learn/work with someone who has been where you currently are. Someone who had those struggles and won.

When I first started my fashion consulting business I already was in the fashion industry for over 10 plus years. Working with corporate clients as well as entrepreneurs. Plus I created my own jewelry line.

Not only was I working with corporate clients & entrepreneurs I was creating and selling my own line of jewelry. Not “talking about” how to with clients. I had already done it. In one day alone my jewelry sales hit four figures. I was watching the numbers increase as I was packing and shipping like crazy. So yes I know how to “sell” products.

I have seen so many entrepreneurs struggling to not only create products/designs but also sell them. I can show you how to create the business of your dreams as well as get clients and sell your products to your target customers. Most importantly how to make money. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a business strategy/planning session.

For a 90 minute consultation you get one on one skype/phone session with me. Its only $495 for you to work with me and walk away with strategy/tips that are easy to implement and put into action! Contact me for a free discovery session!


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