One on One

My one on one consultations are perfect for you if….

Need to find a designer? I will show you how

Not sure of what to ask and look for when sourcing fabrics/trims or even a new factory? I will guide you.

Unclear of who you Ideal Customer is? We will identify him or her?

Need a certain quality of fabric? We will find it together! 

You have already designed a fabulous collection but you need help merchandsing the collection and making it more cohesive. 

You need someone review both your garment/product costs and pricing on an item basis  & total line view. 
Identify key gaps in your collection that you are missing
Identify areas of improvement/suggestions specifically 
with construction to improve production timelines/efficiencies
Review your product against your competitors to see where your under/overpriced
You also get a fabulous expert on your side (complete win win)
Help you with the quality assurance issues that you’re going to encounter from both the fabric and garment position and make sure you come out on the other side

Take advantage of one-on-one mentorship where we work together to create a unique strategy for your business goals. Every element of this program is custom designed to your needs.

After our initial discussion I’ll put together a strategy and action plan that we will implement together. So you are not alone we are in this together.

I will ensure that you hit the right dollar amount to maximize your profit potential.

To get started and ensure that we are a good fit for each other, please complete the form below.

Where are you currently with the development of your line?

Where are your challenges?

Where do you need the most help?

Are your end results to sell online or wholesale or both?

What is the timeline for your product (to have it ready to sell)?

What is your proposed development budget?

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