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I’ll show you how to navigate through all the various areas of the Fashion product development cycle leaving no stone unturned. For our ultimate goal is to bring you the best product/design at the best price possible!

I am sure you are thinking that is amazing! But how?   You have a concept and ideas but you’re not sure where to start?

My years of experience in the fashion industry ensures you don’t make the mistakes that I see newbie designers make as well as some of the seasoned professionals.

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Life is not a dress rehearsal – Auntie Mame

You are amazingly creative and have a flair for fashion.

You always wanted to start your own fashion business.

You want 2015 to be your best year ever.

You have ideas and concepts and are not sure how to get started.

You know your day job is just that.. Your day job but not where you were meant to be.

When working in Corporate America years ago, one of the things I would find myself wondering about was my review and possible bonus. This was one thing that always stressed me out.

Having someone else grade me to possibly find my worthy of increasing my wages and giving me a “tip” for work received.

My income was dependent upon factors out of my control.

Did the company meet their sales targets?

Are inventory levels down?

What did the CFO budget for increases?

See I always had a high work ethic. I always came in early and stayed late. Worked nights and weekends. Always looking to do more.

Meeting sales goals? Done!

Inventory levels? No problem!

Did I get the salary increase or bonus that I deemed appropriate? Not always!

This is one of the reasons why I started my own business because I liked being in control. I have no issue with working hard (heck I love it), but I also like being paid for my efforts. Working in corporate America did not compensate that way. Starting my own business did.

For me there was no corporate ceiling. There was no “budget” in terms of possible income. The most important aspect that resonated with me was unlimited possibilities.

Here is the thing – passion overpowers money all the time. I love money but that is not my driving focus. I do what I love and helping people create the business of their dreams is my passion.

The fact that I get paid for it “bonus” Let me help you create the fashion line of your dreams. The one you always wanted to.

Frankly your dream is just a “click” away.

You can chose from my group course (which fills up quickly so be sure to get on this list so you don’t miss out) or my one on one program.


Here is a list of a few of the things you will learn..

  • How to design without any technical experience
  • How to find factories for your designs
  • Figuring out who your Ideal customer is Reverse engineering your cost (sourcing your fabric/trims/production to ensure maximum profit potential.
  • Getting your samples made
  • Number one mistakes that new designers make right out of the gate and how to not be “that designer”

And so much more..

You will walk away confident and with enough info to get started the right way.

Learn from the professionals how to create the fashion line of your dreams. 

Want to create your own fashion line DIY?

Click here for the book to help guide you thru the process. The fashion line of your dreams is just a click away.

My name is Tanya Brown and I am here to guide you through the fashion industry.

You have an idea, a concept that you want to create but frankly you are not sure of how to get started.

The fashion industry is so exciting but intimidating you say.

How can I find fabric? What about factories? I have no technical experience how can I give the factory instructions on how to assemble my designs?

Speaking of designs my sketches resemble stick figures! Trust me I have heard it before and more. 

I am here to assure you that…

You don’t need technical background or any educational experience in order to create your own collection

Stick figures? No problem!  I am going go give you design hacks to avoid those areas and still get the best quality/production you need.


What I take is your vision as a fashion designer and we create the most amazing fashion collection. Next thing you know you are strutting like the fashion maven  that you always were.

Go fashionista go!

Your fashion line is just a click away.. What is standing in your way…

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